Focus T25 Results: Before and After (REAL RESULTS)

focus t25 resultsAre you looking for some real Focus T25 results?

Possibly some Focus T25 before and after pictures?

You have come to the right place!

Focus T25 was first released in the summer of 2013 but there really wasn’t any unbiased reviews back then.

At the time, there have only been Focus T25 results from the test group.

Don’t get me wrong, the Focus T25 test group results were amazing but what about the everyday person who buys the workout?

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And to be fair, Focus T25 just sounds too good to be true… only 25 minutes of exercise a day? And not a super hard workout like Insanity or P90X?

Who doesn’t want to lose weight if it only involves 25 minutes of focused exercise?

Just check out the Test Group Focus T25 results below:

Looks pretty cool to me but I want more proof!

In this Focus T25 results post, you’ll:

  • Read from people who took on the Focus T25 Challenge and see their results.
  • Plus, find out how to achieve amazing Focus T25 results!

Focus T25 Results: Before and After Results

Can you really get amazing Focus T25 results with only 25 minutes of working out?

In a earlier post, I looked into the research about short and intense workouts and what kind of results you can really expect from only working out 30 minutes a day.

The research concluded over and over again that short and intense workouts were more beneficial in weight loss and over all health than long and moderate exercise.

This research lead Beachbody to produce Focus T25 and later P90X3 and 21 Day Fix.

So, research has shown that short workouts can greatly help with weight loss but can the Focus T25 workout program deliver results?

To find out what non-Study Group participants can really accomplish with Focus T25, I looked towards Team Beachbody for help.

At Team Beachbody, individuals can submit their success story with any Beachbody fitness program in order to get a Free T-shirt and a chance to win $500 and several other prizes.

Below are the Focus T25 before and after pictures and their stories….

Jose S. – Focus T25 Results

 Jose S Focus T25 Results

As a “gamer,” I spent a lot of time sitting around, gaming, eating bad food, and not getting a lot of exercise. I’ve always been a “big” guy who enjoys eating just about anything. And being in the video game industry made my situation even worse because it’s really hard to find healthy food.

But I saw myself on TV this Summer and I totally lost it—I was quickly becoming a typical video-game playing stereotype, and I didn’t like it. At all. So I decided it was time for a change.

So when I had the chance to become part of Shaun T’s Instragram #T25STC Challenge, I jumped at the opportunity. I mean, FOCUS T-25 is ONLY 25 MINUTES A DAY and I can change my body into something magical!! Right? I could do that. I just didn’t have excuses anymore.

And it totally worked! I lost 74 pounds, and I NOW HAVE ABS! I have never, and I mean never, had abs before. I was fine with that for a long time, but guess what? I DO HAVE ABS AND I CAN SEE THEM NOW. WINNING!!!

Shakeology was so awesome. Helped kill my cravings for the things I didn’t need and totally supports my body with the essential vitamins and nutrients I need to get through the day.

Can’t tell you how much FOCUS T-25 and Beachbody changed my life.

Cara B. – Focus T25 Before and After

 Cara B Focus T25 Before and After

Before I lost 30 lbs. with T25 I felt like a typical run-down mom. I had gaining over 80 lbs. while pregnant and was depressed. “Who was this person in the mirror?”, I’d ask myself. “Where did all my energy go?” All I did was lie on the couch, watch TV, and eat myself into the next day. Then I’d do it all over again. The more depressed I got the more seizures I started having. This is when I realized it was time to change before I ended up really hurting myself, or others around me.

I chose FOCUS T25 because of my lack of time. With a toddler running around, only putting in 25 minutes a day for an hour’s worth of results sounded great to me! I used to run on the elliptical for half an hour but I never saw any results. With T25, change happened fast. In 60 days I went from 164 lbs. to 134, and from a size 15 to a 7. My waist shrunk from a 36 to a 28, I lost 4 inches in my hips, 8 in my chest, 2 in my arms and 3 inches in my thighs.

I now also drink Shakeology every day for breakfast. Before I discovered this miracle meal I used to skip out on breakfast and lunch because I just flat out didn’t have the energy to make myself anything to eat. Now, I literally feel like I have energy coming out of my ears.

I’ve also gained way more patience with my daughter and don’t get as aggravated with her as I did before. We laugh and play so much more now and that is one of the greatest gifts I could’ve ever asked for.

Today I can do everyday things without getting light headed or out of breath. I can bring a basket of laundry up the stairs, take my daughter on 2-mile park walks, play with her on the Jungle Jim, and chase her around. I’m no longer tired and just wearing a spot into the couch. And I’m no longer awake at 2 am eating a family size bag of chips or a whole bag of “fun size” Twix. My seizures are finally under control and I’ve never felt better in my life.

Shannon U. – Focus T25 Results

 Shannon U Focus T25 results

Anyone who’s overweight knows they need to change their eating habits and start exercising in order to reclaim their lives. But all too often, excuses come into play, time passes, and life remains the same—or it gets worse. That was my story for many years, until the day I realized that life is short, life is fragile, and while a lot of things in life are beyond my control, how much I weigh is completely up to me.

This epiphany happened about 4 years ago when my twins almost died in the womb. They were born 3 months premature and had to endure a long hospital stay. Shortly after the twins came home my father was diagnosed with brain cancer. Wow, talk about a double whammy. A month before my dad passed, I realized that if I want to live a long, healthy life, I had to change NOW! I was the heaviest I’d been in my entire life and I couldn’t continue like this. Luckily, I stumbled upon a transformation video on the Beachbody Facebook page and my journey began.

First I did INSANITY and lost 23 pounds. I was feeling better, my confidence was starting to grow, but I still wasn’t there yet. I wanted to stick with a Shaun T program, so when FOCUS T25 was revealed, I HAD TO HAVE IT!

FOCUS T25 is amazing! It’s simple. It’s focused. And it’s just 25 minutes. I also enjoyed the change of pace from INSANITY with the addition of weights to the routine. After just one round, I’m loving my results! My abs are starting to show for the first time in my life. I have more energy. I’m finally able to keep up with my 3 boys. Plus, I now have increased confidence and a better sense of nutrition and how it affects my body. And I’m so proud to say that I’m 40 years old, and I weigh less than I did in High School.

Plus, I drank Shakeology daily, which took my nutrition to the next level. Not only does Shakeology taste fantastic, it curbed my hunger and aided in my digestion. Wow that stuff is great!!! Drinking it everyday was just plain awesome.

Thank you Beachbody for being so instrumental in changing my life. Since my journey began less than one year ago, I’ve lost 37 pounds, my waist shrunk from 45 inches to 36.5, I lost over 4 inches in my hips and chest, 2 inches in my arms, and 1 in my thighs. And all I did was follow the program guide and keep pushing play.

Sophie S. – Focus T25 Before and After

 Sophiw S Focus T25

In high school, I developed a condition that made it impossible to keep food down. I ate everything I wanted to. (I mean EVERYTHING.) I never worked out. And I still lost weight. Crazy weight. In college, I didn’t have to worry about the “freshman fifteen,” because I managed to lose 20 pounds. That was alarming. But even worse when I was told I had an anxiety disorder and on the brink of a medical mental breakdown due to malnourishment.

So I was put on a medication that put an end to the throwing up—but made it impossible to lose weight. Now I was 200 lbs. and totally depressed. I hated the way I looked. And my confidence was so low, I took a job as a nanny so I could wear yoga pants and huge t-shirts all the time.

But here’s what saved my life. The woman I worked for was in the middle of an amazing transformation. In my first year as her nanny, I watched her go from a size 16 to a size 4/6 before my very eyes. Something totally clicked. I said, ‘if she can work full time, come home to two kids and still find time to exercise and eat clean, why can’t I?’

With Teresa as my role model and inspiration, I started with Shakeology (gave me amazing energy and got me on a regular sleep schedule), and added exercise. I started with COMBAT and loved the focus and simplicity of this total body, all-out burn. Plus, I met a man who became my fiancé and we LOVED working out together.

My life was awesome, and when Shaun T’s FOCUS T-25 came out, we were both so excited. Since we were planning a wedding, we loved that we could get a high intensity workout in just 25 minutes. But we never walk away feeling like we’ve compromised on a good workout.

By using Shakeology and Beachbody programs, I’ve been able to cut my size in HALF! But my goal has never been to fit into a certain size. My objective throughout this entire journey has been to find confidence in the way I look as well as to be healthy.

Paula C. – Focus T25 Results

 Paula C Focus T25 Before and After

At 35 years old and weighing in at 220 pounds, I felt tired, heavy, depressed, ugly, fat, sick, and hopeless. I didn’t like the way I looked so much that I’d brush my teeth looking down at the sink; it was so hard to see myself in the mirror. I couldn’t keep up with my kids or the daily activities of being a mom, wife, and busy woman. I was tired of being sick and I really wanted to feel better about myself so I could be a good example for my daughter. I wanted to wear a bikini and skinny jeans for the first time in my life, and actually look good in them. So I ordered T25.

I chose T25 because I wanted to lose weight fast! And while I wanted to challenge myself, I didn’t want to spend a lot of time every day working out and sacrificing time with my 3 kids. Before T25, I’d skip working out simply because I just didn’t have an hour to an hour-and-a-half to burn. But I found T-25 to be totally doable.

T25 was a little challenging in the beginning because I was so out of shape, but I made the decision to COMMIT and SUCCEED, so I stuck with it and it paid off—big time. I was so in love with the program and the energy and happiness I felt after every workout. I kept pushing play and started to eat healthy by following the meal plan.

I’ve also been drinking Shakeology daily and it’s made a huge difference in my health. I haven’t gotten a cold since I started, and drinking Shakeology has helped me fight off my chocolate and bread cravings. Who needs chocolate ice cream, full of fat and sugar, when there’s Chocolate Shakeology? Not this girl!

With T25 and Shakeology my health and weight changed completely. My cholesterol dropped from 217 to 146 and I’m no longer an “overweight” person. I went from 220 lbs. to 143 and a size 16 to an 8. My waist shrunk from 44 inches to 31, hips went from 46 to 38, and I lost 4 inches in my thighs. I even went from 32% body fat to 19%. WOW! I’m fitter than I’ve ever been in my life and feel amazing.

Sure it was hard at times, but I followed Shaun T’s instructions and did my best and pushed a little harder every day. I now see muscles that I didn’t know existed, and I feel so strong, fit, healthy, and energetic! I have lean muscles now and can jump, dance, run, and play with my kids without feeling tired. Plus, I can actually see my abs! I don’t fear mirrors and pictures anymore and actually make exercising a priority without looking for excuses not to do it. My entire family has gone through a complete lifestyle change as well and I couldn’t be more proud.

Having friends tell me, “You are an inspiration and I want to look like you” IS AWESOME!!!! I used to be the one that wanted to look like my friends, because I was always the big one—but not anymore. Thanks Beachbody, you guys really did change my life.

Achieving Amazing Focus T25 Results

In the above Focus T25 results there was one thing that was pretty common in all of their success stories…

They were all tired of how they looked and felt… some were depressed… some had major health issues… but all knew it was time for a change.

For the most part, Focus T25 was chosen by many of the people above because they didn’t have time for a full one hour or more of working out. And you can’t judge them for that.

Not everyone has time for working out and that’s why Beachbody made programs like Focus T25, 10 Minute Trainer, P90X3, and 21 Day Fix.

If your sole purpose is to lose weight and start getting back in shape, then a short workout is all you really need.

If you’re an athlete or need a lot of strength and endurance, a short workout may not be for you.

Here’s what you need to do to achieve amazing Focus T25 results:

1. Decide to Commit To Yourself.

As you read above, none of the Focus T25 before and after reviews mentioned losing weight for someone else….

All of them made a change because they were tired of what they had become…

That’s the best thing about being human, when we get tired of being something, we can change the circumstances that we are in.

As Shannon mentioned above, we all know how to lose weight and why to lose weight…. we just need to decide to lose weight for ourselves and commit to it.

2. Understand that Weight Loss Takes Time.

Depending on how much weight you need to lose, it may take more than one round of Focus T25 to reach your weight loss goal.

Most of the people above had amazing Focus T25 results with only one round.

For some people it may take more than round and for others, they may want to change their workout program in order to change things up.

3. Supplement Your Workout.

Eating healthy is very important to gaining your Focus T25 results.

However, eating all the healthy fruits and vegetables that we need is not always possible.

Here are 3 supplements that can help you super charge your workout results:

reommended focus t25 supplements

1. Shakeology – Almost every Focus T25 before and after review mentioned the use of Shakeology while doing Focus T25. Though recommended to replace a meal, Shakeology offers several different nutrients that are not found in any meal replacement shake on the market.

Several Shakeology reviews have noted how Shakeology has not only helped to curb their appetite but also helped lower their blood pressure and cholesterol.

2. Beachbody Energy and Endurance – This is one of my most favorite supplements on the market because it gives me the energy I need to really get through a workout. E&E is a pre-workout formula that is natural and the safest workout energy supplement.

I used to use other pre-workout supplements to help me get through P90X, Insanity, and Focus T25 but E&E replaced them because E&E is not harsh on the stomach like the other guys were.

3. P90X Results and Recovery Formula – Don’t let the “P90X” fool you, it’s not only for the P90X workout… Results and Recovery Formula will help replenish your body faster after a workout so that you don’t get sore and can continue improving on your workout results.

The faster you cover from your workout, the better prepare you’ll be for your next workout.

I hope you are no longer asking yourself, Does Focus T25 work?….

As we have seen from the Focus T25 test group and the individuals above, Focus T25 does work.

This does not mean that everyone should do Focus T25 but if you’re interested in it… Then it’s a great workout program for you to get results with.

order focus t25

Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.

Julio Diaz

Coach Julio Diaz

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P.S. If you are looking for a way to increase your fitness, nutrition, social, and even occupational wellness, be sure to start with a FREE Team Beachbody Account and you will get support, motivation, and gain access to free tools to keep you on track with your wellness goals.

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