Focus T25 Results & Reviews: REAL WEIGHT LOSS?

Focus T25 results!What kind of Beachbody Focus T25 results are people really getting with a 25 minute workout? Is it even possible to lose weight and get fit with in only 25 minutes? In this Focus T25 review, you’re going to find out everything about Shaun T’s T25 workout program…

As you may or may not know, Shaun T has already created several workout programs that have helped people achieving amazing weight loss results and total body transformations. Shaun T has completed the following hit in home workout programs to date:

  • Insanity: MAX 30
  • CIZE
  • Rockin’ Body
  • Hip Hop Abs

Now, Shaun T has compounded all his knowledge into 25 min cardio workouts, the Focus T25 workout. That means, in less than a 30 minute workout, you’ll get to push yourself to the limit in order to get amazing results!

Updated & Revised: April 2016

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Focus T25 Results & Reviews: Table of Contents

What is Focus T25?

Got time for a 25 minute workout?

Got time for a 25 minute workout?

Before we get into the Focus T25 reviews, we need to see what exactly is Focus T25 first. If you’re like most people, you probably don’t have much time to exercise. After all, we’re all very busy people and don’t have time for no hour long workout.

Personally, I love doing the Insanity workout but those workouts were between 30 and 60 minutes for 6 days a week. It got results but it was long. Then I did P90X and that was much longer! Yes, the set workout time was about 60 min, but I’m not a machine. Sometimes P90X lasted up to 2 hours because I needed breaks!!! And then Yoga X is a set hour and a half! Again, P90X gets results but it’s long…

Some people will often go to the gym to workout but that’s also a time sucker.

  • Time to drive there.
  • Time to change.
  • Time waiting for a machine to free up.
  • Time to learn how to work a machine.
  • Time waiting for an instructor.
  • Time to change again or shower.
  • Time to drive home.

The worst part about gyms is not knowing how to optimally lose weight…

  • With a gym membership you won’t know which exercises to do or when to do them.
  • With a gym membership you don’t have anyone to tell you the best foods to eat or how to take care of your nutrition.
  • With a gym membership you won’t know how to change your workout when you hit a plateau.

So then, How can we lose weight fast, get the best results, and do it in the shortest amount of time possible?

The answer is simple, Shaun T’s Focus T25 workout… the only 25 minute cardio workout designed to get results in only 10 weeks. For about a year, Shaun T experimented to see how you can get the same kind of results you’d expect from an hour-long workout program, in under 30 minutes.

This 25 minute workout is fast and effective… There is no wasted time because it’s all about getting you 1 hour workout results in 25 minute workout routines. While Focus T25 is short in length, it is intense and delivers 11 workouts on 9 DVD’s that will push you to your limits. During your less than 30 minute home workout routine, you’ll do cardio and resistance moves that require minimal equipment to do. If you’re short on time but are serious about getting into shape, then this is the best program you can do to get the results you want.

Here’s what Shaun T has to say about the Focus T25 cardio workout….

Shaun T on getting workout results in a short time.If you focus your intensity for 25 minutes, and you do it 5 days a week, you WILL get results. Yes, you are working out for less time. But since you have your shorts on, since you have your sneakers on, and you managed to Push Play, I’m just asking you to give it everything you’ve got, for ONLY 25 minutes.

You focus, and you go! 25 minutes. 5 days a week. 100% results. And there are major university studies out there that prove the value of shorter, more intense workouts. But I’ll save that for later.

The only question now is, do you want to be one of the first to see these routines and what kind of results you can get? Don’t miss the biggest breakthrough in health and fitness since Insanity. – Shaun T

As Shaun T stated, there are major university studies that have shown time and time again that short/intense workouts will help you lose weight faster and better than long, steady-state cardio workouts. For example, here are a few studies for your reference:

In short, short workouts work so well in getting weight loss results that Beachbody went on to create even more short/intense workouts like:

However, we’re getting ahead of ourselves… Let’s learn more about the Focus T25 workout! Check out the following video that explains what Focus T25 is and how it will getting you losing weight!

Order Focus T25!Order Focus T25!

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What Do You Get With Focus T25?

Focus T25 workout dvdsThis is how you’re going to get awesome Shaun T T25 results in only 25 minutes a day! Here we’ll cover the Focus T25 Base kit, which is normally ordered by most people…


Alpha Phase – 5 Weeks – 25 minute workouts

  • Cardio – 25 minutes of calorie-burning, sweat-drenching cardio.
  • Speed 1.0. – Gets you fast results with this fast paced workout that will ignite your quickness while burning the fat from your body.
  • Total Body Circuit – Focuses on strength and resistance without having to lift a single weight.
  • Ab Intervals – Is where you will be spending a lot of your time on the floor doing ab workouts with quick cardio recovery workouts in between. This routine will have you shredding the fat from your midsection and getting you the abs of your dreams.
  • Lower Focus – Is the key to burning fat and kicking up your metabolism as you focus on working your lower-body muscles.

Beta Phase – 5 Weeks – 25 minute workouts

  • Core Cardio is where you’ll “get your sweat on”, with this progressive cardio-core workout designed to get you shredded fast.
  • Dynamic Core will take you from vertical to horizontal and back again in this dynamic, crazy core routine.
  • Speed 2.0 has you rev it all the way up with Shaun’s calorie-scorching, core-focused speed drills.
  • Upper Focus will help you develop the upper body you’ve dreamed of; all you have to do is focus.
  • Rip’t Circuit is a workout comprised of cardio, upper body, legs and abs that you do on repeat, taking your body to the next level to get you even more shredded.


  • Focus T25 Alpha/Beta Workout Schedule tells you which workouts to do on which days, taking out the guess-work so all you have to do is nail it.
  • Focus T25 Nutrition Guide – The Get It Done Nutrition Guide makes eating simple with just 5 meals a day, using 5 ingredients that take only 5 minutes to prepare. It doesn’t get any simpler.
  • Quick Start Guide helps you to hit the ground running with this step-by-step guide for how to achieve your best results.
  • Stretch Workout (also 25 min): after 5 days of hard work you get to stretch it out and relieve those muscles.
  • B-Lines Resistance Band (15 lb) will assist you in burning fat and carving lean muscle faster.


  • Core Speed! Core Speed is Shaun T’s sweat-dripping, core-focused 25-minute speed workout doesn’t waste a second. It’ll have you pushing hard, burning fat, and getting shredded in record time.

All of the above is all you need if you’re ready to get amazing weight loss results with the Focus T25 workout program… Click on the image below to order the Focus T25 Base Kit!

Order Focus T25!Order Focus T25!

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Focus T25 Workout Review

While we cover a lot in this Focus T25 review, I wanted to share more about the Focus T25 workouts… Here’s what you’ll get with Shaun T’s Focus T25 cardio workout DVDs:

3 Phases to Focus T25 workout

3 Phases to Focus T25 workout

  • Every workout is 25 minutes, start to finish. (With about a 3 minute stretch/cool down after the workout.)
  • Each workout Phase is five days a week, for five weeks. Each phase builds on the previous.
    • Phase 1: The first five week phase is the ALPHA phase, consisting of resistance and cardio.
    • Phase 2: The second five week is the BETA phase, focusing on your CORE strength.
  • Every phase has a purpose and mixes up your progress so your body keeps adapting; getting you better and faster results.
  • Shaun T delivers high intensity workouts in a small “group” in each video.
  • There’s one individual who will show you how to modify each workout move until you’re ready for more advanced moves.
  • You control your intensity.
  • Advancement Opportunity. After a few rounds of Focus T25 you may get bored with it so there’s the next level, GAMMA phase (sold separately). It focuses on everything you have learned but adds more resistance moves with the use of bands or dumbbells and a pull-up bar (optional). Plus, it’s still only 25 minutes a workout. Check it out here: Focus T25 Gamma


Focus T25 Alpha Cycle workoutsThe Alpha Phase of Focus T25 is all about focusing on your foundation. It’s all about getting you ready to really bring it in the next phase of Focus T25. So, the Alpha is not about speed or how many reps you can do. It’s all about having proper form and engaging the muscles Shaun T tells you about in every move.

Focus T25 Alpha Cardio: Alpha Cardio is my most favorite workout so far. Some of the moves are entirely new to me so I had to stop a couple times to figure out what was going on. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself stopping as well to follow the moves perfectly. After the first week or two, the moves did become much easier to follow.

After a series of moves, you go through a phase called “The Burnout”. During “The Burnout” you do the advanced moves you worked up to earlier, and you repeat them back to back… This is normally about 2 minutes of you working as hard as you can. At the end of this workout I was always drenched in sweat and I’m sure you well be too.

Focus T25 Alpha Ab Intervals: Who doesn’t want rock hard abs? Like other Beachbody fitness programs, Focus T25 includes an ab centered workout as well. There is a small difference between Alpha Ab Intervals and other ab workouts… Ab Intervals includes cardio exercises in between floor ab workouts. During the ab workouts on the ground, it’s recommended you use Beachbody Mini-Mat or another yoga mat for your back. I would say the workout is pretty challenging. I still enjoy the P90X Ab Ripper X the most but the Focus T25 Alpha Ab Intervals is a nice change. The plus side of Alpha Ab Intervals is that you also work your lower back with variations of the Superman exercise.

Focus T25 Alpha Speed 1.0: In Alpha Speed 1.0 you will work your body in different ways in order to increase your speed. Something to note in Alpha Speed 1.0 is that you’ll do a few workouts followed by a quick stretch. All other workouts in Alpha phase will advance to tougher workouts so you don’t need the stretch but Speed 1.0 was created differently. So basically, because of the stretching, Speed 1.0 is the only workout that gives you a short break 😉 Overall, it’s a fast paced workout that will get you focused on your core and on your foot work.

Focus T25 Alpha Lower Focus: Alpha Lower Focus is all about working out your legs! By working out your lower body you’ll be burning more calories than the other workouts because you’ll be using the biggest muscles on your body. Though the exercises may sounds simple, Shaun T will challenge you through different versions of squats, lunges, jumps, and varies other workouts. And of course, it wouldn’t be a challenge without the classic “Burnout”. The most challenging moves for me are the lunges… I hate holding lunges and pulsing… but I know it’ll be good for me in the long run.

Focus T25 Alpha Total Body Circuit: This is arguably the toughest workout in the Focus T25 Alpha phase. What does the Alpha Total Body Circuit even include?… The key word here is TOTAL…

  • You’ll be working your upper body by getting on the floor and doing some plank workouts.
  • You’ll be working your lower body with a mixture of squats, lunges, and hops.
  • And of course you’ll be working your core by concentrating on them during squats, when raise your knee to your waist, and other core workouts.

The best part or the most challenge part about Alpha Total Body is that you’ll often need to engage multiple body parts at once. You’ll definitely need a lot of energy to get through this workout and just like Alpha Cardio, there are “Burnouts” to look forward to ?

Order Focus T25!Order Focus T25!


During the Beta Phase you will be focusing more on your core and for the first time you’ll be making use of your resistance band or dumbbells. Don’t worry, you don’t need anything heavy, 10 pounds for men and 5 pounds for women will do. Additionally, the Beta phase is where you really compound moves and pick up the pace!

Focus T25 Beta Cycle workoutsFocus T25 Beta Core Cardio: In core Cardio you’ll be forced to focus on multiple body parts at the same time, compound or combo moves. Although called Core Cardio, there isn’t very much core moves. Yes, you should be focused on holding your core tight, but you won’t be doing ab centered moves. Instead, think of Core Cardio more like Alpha Cardio but with more of a kick

Focus T25 Beta Dynamic Core: Now here’s a core workout! In Dynamic Core you’ll be dropping to the floor for some moves (make sure to get a floor mat) and standing up for other core moves. You’ll do 7 standing core exercises followed by 7 seated moves and repeating that cycle several times with a bonus round at the end. Although challenging, this is a very much doable workout for the beginner.

Focus T25 Beta Speed 2.0: If you thought Speed 1.0 was tough, this workout is even tougher. You’ll sweat through this workout by going through several leg moves very quickly. The first 2 rounds are done 3x with the final round doing all the moves from rounds 1 and 2 three times as well. Although involving a lot of fancy foot work, there isn’t much plyo in this workout. You’ll really need to focus with Speed 2.0.

Focus T25 Beta Upper Focus: In Upper Focus you’re going to pull out your dumbbells to get through this workout. Men can get by with 10 pounds and women about 5 pounds. You can also make use of your resistance band that came with your Focus T25 program. Upper Focus is like circuit training with weights. You’re going to do push ups, presses, curls, rows and abdominal work. By engaging more muscles with dumbbells or resistance bands, you’re going to accelerate your fat burning!

Focus T25 Beta Rip’t Circuit: Rip’t Circuit is the second workout you’ll be pulling out your dumbbells or resistance bands for. In this workout you’re going to burn out your muscles with squats, curls, planks, pushups, and of course other core workouts. Although you’ll be using light weights, they’re going to feel like the heaviest weights you could get once you’re done with this workout!

BONUS FREE WORKOUT – Core Speed: This is like Speed 2.0 to another level! If you have coordination problems, this will be a challenge for you. Similar to Speed 2.0, you’ll do 2 sequences of moves done 3 times, followed by a final third sequence of doing both the previous sequences back-to-back an additional three times! This is a fast paced cardio workout!

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Focus T25 Results & Reviews

Get It Done with Focus T25!It wouldn’t be a very good Beachbody Focus T25 review if we didn’t check out the type of results people have been getting with Focus T25. However, before getting to the Focus T25 reviews, check out what Shaun T has to say about Focus T25:

“So I made it my mission to create a workout program that would get your body looking like you’d spent hours at the gym…in only 25 minutes a day—less time than you’d spend driving to and from the gym! FOCUS T25 is that workout. So how can I get you such amazing results in just 25 minutes a day?

By pushing you hard—with short, high-intensity exercises that force your body’s chemistry to adapt so you get shredded. Even though you’re working out shorter, you’re getting strong and getting cut faster.

Finally, the Focus T25 results… flip through the images below to see what kind of results people are really getting with this 25 minute cardio workout!

Katrina Can Now Do All the Things in Life She Loves!

"All of the horrible problems I had before I started FOCUS T25 are 100% gone by drinking Shakeology, exercising, and eating clean. Now I have the energy to do the things in life that I love!"

Amanda Is Now In The Best Shape Of Her Life!

"The time goes by so fast and it's super effective. I love my body and I am so much happier now! I've exceeded my goals and am in the best shape of my life!"

Laura Loves This Program!

"I love how this program pushes me to work harder than I've ever worked before with any other workout! I think the last time I was this lean was when i was 24 years old!"

Sophia Never Thought She Would Get The Results She Did!

"I had no idea when I started Focus T25 that I would get the results that I got! Now, I am in the best shape of my life! I am seeing muscles on my body that I never knew I had!"

Amalia Finally Likes Herself Again!

"Apart from my weight loss, which was my initial goal, my body fat percentage went way down. The best part about Focus T25 is that it helped me like me again! I feel strong, I feel healthy and I feel really good about myself."

Stephanie Is Now More Powerful Because of Focus T25!

"Now I am stronger! I can do a ton of burpees and about 15 full body pushups! I love the definition in my arms and how my core has gotten stronger because of Focus T25!"

Jamie Never Thought She Would See Her Abs Again!

"I thought after having twins I would never see my abs again. Focus T25 is proof that you can achieve anything if you put forth hard work and dedication. After 10 weeks of pushing play, I was astounded by what I saw in the mirror. I had lost 15 lbs. and gained a magnificent amount of muscle!"

Anna Lost 33 LBS in 10 Weeks!

Anna P. who lost 33 lbs. in 10 weeks with Focus T25!

Dean Loved Working Out At Home Over the Gym!

"Finding 25 minutes a day to do FOCUS T25 from home was easy, and Shaun T provided all the motivation I needed to find the energy. I was much more consistent with my workouts from home than I ever was with the gym."

Saladin Had No Time For Hour Workouts!

"No one wants to work out for an hour anymore! That's a waste of time! You can do these 25 minute workouts and burn twice the calories. It's amazing!"

Josh Hates Gyms and Loves Focus T25!

"I hated gyms because of the cost. I hated my gut and was really depressed about it. I saw the beginning of the T25 infomercial and was hooked."

Melissa Lost 26 LBS in 10 Weeks!

Melissa D. lost 26 lbs. in 10 weeks with Focus T25!

Shannon Loved How Qucikly She Saw Results!

"After completing day 1 I fell in love with FOCUS T25! I looked forward to doing it every day and I loved how quickly I saw results."

Joanne Changed Her Life Around with Focus T25

"You will definitely see results with T25! It changed my life! I am constantly being complimented on my body and the definition that has started to show!"

Cathi Had Some Amazing Focus T25 Results!

Cathi Jo M. lost 25.9 lbs. in 14 weeks with Focus T25!

Chantal Calls T25 The Best Program She's Ever Done!

"T25 is far and away the best program I've ever done. The speed workouts gave me energy for my entire day."

Karine Has Gotten Some Incredible Results!

"Twenty five minutes a day to get the results that I have gotten is incredible! I also have people telling me how much I've inspired them. I feel more organized, more productive, powerful strong and sexy!"

Jon Is Most Proud of What He's Teaching His Family!

"I chose FOCUS T25 because it is a 25 minute all out barrage on my body! No messing around, get in and get some! So far I have lost over 60 pounds! Aside from the obvious physical changes, I am most proud of what I am teaching my family!"

Jeffrey Is Never Going Back To The Way He Was

"I have not felt this good for about 15 years. I have tons of energy now. For the first time in a long time I am proud of my health and I am never going back to the way I was."

Stephanie Now Has More Energy!

"I feel healthy and stronger! I have more energy to keep up with my 7-month old baby, and I feel like I can wear a swimsuit this summer!"

Mollie Feels Amazing & Confident!

"I originally wanted to lose 10 lbs and tone up! Little did I know I would lose 20 lbs! I feel amazing and confident. I can't stop comparing my before and after photos!"

Kristen Is In The Best Shape In Her Life!

"T25 is a past paced, killer workout in a short time! I'm in the best shape of my life! I'm better than I was in high school... inside and out!"

Pamela Lost More Weight Than She Thought Possible!

"I cannot thank T25 enough! I lost more weight than I thought possible. My energy level has skyrocketed; weekends are for outings now instead of sitting in front of a television."

Laurie Feels Sexy, Confident, & Unstoppable!

"Focus T25 literally melted away fat to the point where I would catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror and cry! I feel sexy, confident, and unstoppable!"

Miranda Finally Got Results with Focus T25!

"The best part about the program is that it's only 25 minutes. Shaun T also keeps you motivated the whole time! T25 was the first program that gave me the results I had dreamed of having."

Chrisanthi Loved Being in the Comfort of Her Home!

"Being able to get results in the comfort of my own home, where my infant could be watched at the same time, was the best of both worlds!"

Michael Feels Stronger & Younger!

"I'm in the best shape of my life! I have so much energy, stamina, endurance, and my abs are starting to peek out! After completing Beta, I felt like I wanted to take on the world. I felt amazing! I felt stronger and younger!"

Order Focus T25!Order Focus T25!

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How To Get Your Best Focus T25 Results

Are you looking to get the best weight loss results possible with Focus T25? Since T25 is only 25 minutes a day, you want to make sure you get the best results possible by following the simple steps below….


I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Focus T25 review that said they lost weight because of someone else. Almost everyone decides to lose weight because they want to better themselves. Many people often feel tired of how they look or simply feel tired of how they feel and decide to do something about it. Make sure you have your own personal reason WHY you want to lose weight and stick to it!


Depending on how much weight you need to lose, it may take more than one round of Focus T25 to reach your weight loss goal. Most of the people above had amazing Focus T25 results with only one round. For some people it may take more than one round. For example, it took Michael C. 52 weeks to lose 102 pounds with Focus T25. Yet, it took Miranda J. 11 weeks to lose 51 pounds! Everyone is different and realize it will take time!


Eating healthy is very important to gaining your Focus T25 results. However, eating all the healthy fruits and vegetables that we need is not always possible. Especially when you’re eating less calories than normal to lose weight… Here are 3 supplements that can help you super charge your workout results:

1. Shakeology – Shakeology is a nutrient dense, super-food, health shake that has been helping people turbo charge their weight loss efforts for years now. It has been clinically proven to help with continuous weight over time, and help lower cholesterol and blood sugar. Several Shakeology reviews have also mentioned increased energy, improved digestion system, and much more! Check out the following workout reviews that combined a Beachbody fitness program and Shakeology together (flip through the images):

Radni Can Now Smile Back At Herself in the Mirror

"For most of my life, I felt like the fattest person in the room. I was made fun of, called names, treated poorly by many, including family and friends. I got dangerously heavy and even walking a few steps left me breathless. Everyday tasks, such as shopping and driving, were nearly impossible because my stomach was so huge. When I first started the 21 Day Fix, I couldn’t even get through one workout, even the modified version. But I refused to quit and every day I could see and feel I was making progress. I also drank Shakeology every day throughout the program and still do. It took away my cravings while fueling my body with proper nutrition. Without Shakeology I never would have achieved the amazing results that I did! 21 Day Fix and Shakeology have changed my self-image completely. I am healthy and strong. And until now, I’ve never been able to look in a mirror and smile at the girl who’s looking back at me."

21 Day Fix & Shakeology Completely Changed Jennifer's Life!

“Before 21 Day Fix, my mental, emotional, and physical well being was at an all-time low. I ate due to emotional stress and really struggled with portion control. And then 21 Day Fix came into my life and changed everything. And I mean, EVERYTHING!!!! I absolutely love how simple the entire program was. The workouts are “Back to Basics” as I like to call them, and Autumn was a fantastic trainer! She’s so inspiring and made me want to keep pushing myself, and my limits, every single day. The containers were vital to my success because they were simple to use and took the guesswork out of proper portion sizes. Plus, Shakeology has been a lifesaver for me and it gave me a ton of energy. Five months later I’m stronger, healthier, thinner, and happier than I’ve been in years. And the best part is, now my children have to keep up with me instead of the other way around."

Sophie Realized She Has a GLORIOUS Body That Can FEEL Amazing & DO Amazing Things!

"Honestly, up until this program, I never knew how to properly eat or exercise. I never thought of food as fuel and didn’t have a clue how to make food taste good without dousing it with a ton of ranch dressing, cheese, or salt. But one day I had enough. I turned to 21 Day Fix as my “guidance course” in desperate hope of achieving long-term and sustainable results. Beyond learning what to eat and how much food my body truly needed, Shakeology was the biggest influence on my success. It took away my sweet cravings, and not only would I be completely satisfied after having a Shake-o, I felt incredibly energized. And due to the fact that I was juggling three jobs, I could take one on-the-go, which kept me from fast food drive-thrus. Plus, until I overhauled my diet, it never occurred to me that my bloat and discomfort were all related to what I ate. I just thought that was how I was made. One of the greatest things about this program is how it transformed my midsection. For the first time in my life I finally have abs and it feels amazing! The saying is true, abs ARE made in the kitchen. Before, I lived to eat. Now, I eat to live! I was never hungry on the program and was more satisfied on less food simply because my body was being fed the food it actually needed. I finally discovered what a strong woman I am and that I can actually choose to do things that are good for me, and not just convenient. I also learned that I have a GLORIOUS body that can FEEL amazing and DO amazing things when I take care of it."

Alexis Tried Every Known Fad Diet Known To Man! She Finally Got Results with 21 Day Fix & Shakeology

"I’ve tried every fad diet known to man and have never found anything that not only worked as well as 21 Day Fix, but was so easy to do and understand. I feared that I was going to crave junk food during the program, but Shakeology completely curbed my appetite. The only thing I craved during those 21 days was MORE Shakeology! And it gave me so much energy that I no longer needed a nap during the day. Shakeology tasted like dessert and it was the one meal each day that I couldn’t wait to consume. Now, instead of being skinny fat, I’m skinny fit!"

Nicole Lost Weight From Head To Toe Without Looking Out Of Proportion!

"But now, I totally get it! I know what foods belong in which food groups, how many servings of each group I need per day, and how many calories it truly takes to fuel my body. I no longer feel full and sluggish after eating, instead I feel energized! Plus, due to my jam-packed work schedule, I rarely have much time for lunch, so having a Shakeology not only made eating feasible, it also provided my body with the protein and nutrients it needed to stay strong and lose weight! This program helped me create a new lifestyle that I will follow forever. I loved Autumn’s encouraging style, as well as the constant reminders about how working out is only part of the battle, and that to make a change, you can’t ruin things in the kitchen. The containers are great and have taught my kids what a real serving size actually is. I couldn’t be more pleased with my complete transformation. Because this program focused on my entire body, I was able to shrink head to toe and not look out of proportion. My double chin is gone, I have cheekbones, and my skin glows. I have a ton of energy with lots of stamina and endurance. I can do 60+ minutes of cardio and run, jump, and do burpees—without modifications! I don’t huff and puff anymore when I walk up a flight of stairs. And I can outplay my kids! I feel strong and fit every single day and truly crave working out. When I start my day with a hard workout, I feel as if I can conquer anything else that comes my way. Thanks, Beachbody, you saved me."

Andrew Was tired of Being Tired & Grouchy All The Time!

“Before 21 Day Fix I had no energy and no motivation for life in general. I went to work, came home, and watched TV. I was tired of being tired and grouchy all the time and knew I had to change. Thankfully, some of my friends told me how much they loved the 21 Day Fix workouts and meal plan, and encouraged me to give it a shot. 21 Day Fix completely changed my body and my life more than I ever thought it would—I even have abs again! Not only do I now have energy, but I look and feel a million times better than before. I got to admit, the workouts are tough—even for an ex-college athlete. They had me doing things I’d never done before and I sweated my butt off for 30 minutes straight from the start! But Autumn is a great trainer and motivator and she helped me ignore that annoying voice in the back of my head that kept telling me to quit. One of my biggest struggles at first was with the smaller food portions, but I quickly learned how to space out my meals throughout each day and pretty soon I was never hungry. I now understand so much more about which foods are healthy and which are not. Plus, I absolutely love the portion control containers because they’re so easy to use; I use them every day to pack my lunch for work. Shakeology might be the best shake ever created. It’s delicious. It’s healthy. And it fills me up every time! I have it for breakfast almost daily and will continue to do so—for maybe the rest of my life."

Sarah Finally Put Away Her Maternity Clothes

“My health before Shakeology and FOCUS T25 was horrible! I had no energy or motivation, couldn’t keep up with my kids, was depressed with my appearance, and couldn’t fit into my old jeans (only maternity jeans). Don’t know why that surprised me—I lived off of pizza, wings, chocolate, and ice cream. But all that changed when Beachbody came into my life. In 60 days I lost 21 lbs. and 19 inches. And over the past 6 months, I’m down a total of 42 lbs. My energy has skyrocketed, I’m no longer bloated, and my digestion has improved. I will stay on Shakeology forever. Where else can you get a meal that’s so nutritious for $4? It’s so worth the money!”

Demetri Feels Years Younger & Has a Ton More Energy!

"Before I lost 31 lbs. in 3 months with FOCUS T25 and Shakeology I felt like a 67-year-old in a 37-year-old’s body. I was killing myself at the gym and never saw any results. I was exhausted and in pain all the time, and would down 4 cups of coffee a day just to stay awake. BUT NOW…I feel YEARS younger, have a ton more energy, I’ve lost a significant amount of belly fat, my sweet cravings are almost gone, and I’ve actually saved money because I no longer go out for lunch (instead I have my Shakeology). I truly am a new person. I don’t know if I would have achieved the results I did without Shakeology. And if I did, it would have taken much, much longer!”

Shakeology Has Made The Difference in James's Weight Loss Journey!

“By the time I was in my late 30s I was overweight and tired ALL OF THE TIME!I got hooked on Beachbody’s workouts and lost a ton of weight, but needed a better way to kick off my day than with a huge cup of coffee loaded with sugar—so I turned to Shakeology. Shakeology gives my body what it needs to recover from my workouts as well as properly fueling me for the rest of the day. Plus, I can have breakfast on the run. Now my digestion is much better and my cravings have disappeared. Shakeology is by far the one product that has made the biggest difference in my weight loss and health journey.”

Janelle Can Now Wear Clothes She Hasn't Worn in 6 Years!

“Prior to drinking Shakeology I was in a complete slump and my dietary habits were horrible. I was an impulsive and emotional eater, drinking Coke with my sugary breakfast cereal, and wanting dessert every night! A year after my daughter was born I had yet to lose all of the baby weight and was miserable. So I purchased the FOCUS T25 Challenge Pack that came with Shakeology, and gave it a try. In 4 months I lost 16 lbs., no longer crave junk food, can fit into clothes I haven’t worn in 6 years, and am in a great mood all the time. Plus,my energy has significantly increased! Shakeology takes the guesswork out of eating and it’s DELICIOUS!”

T25 + Shakeology Cured Kati's Depression!

“My newborn baby and my 3 year old daughter needed a happy healthy mom. I knew I had to get my butt in gear and get moving for them. Drinking Shakeology and working out with t25 cured my depression. I felt so healthy drinking it. Yes I saw benefits in my mood. I was new to clean eating and it was so nice for me to grab on the go instead of me bringing my Tupperware of chicken, veggies, and sweet potato. I love it. I felt like I was on top of the world. It was like a natural high getting all that processed food out of my diet.”

Sarah Felt Fat, Ugly, Sluggish, Depressed, & Hated How She Looked. Not Any More!

“After having my second child I weighed 184 pounds—felt fat, ugly, sluggish, depressed, and hated how I looked in the mirror. I just wanted my old body back so I turned to FOCUS T25 and Shakeology. I replaced breakfast with Shakeology and it kept me full and satisfied until lunch. Almost instantly I felt more energized and healthy and I stopped craving junk! In just 14 weeks I lost 30lbs. and the inches just melted away. Finally, I’m finding my love of health and fitness again and I’m so proud of my results. I love hearing people compliment me and ask what my secret is. So I tell them: I start each day with a workout, a Shakeology, and a smile!”

Kaitlin Never Felt Like She Was Working Out!

“CIZE is the first fitness program that’s helped me achieve my goals beyond the scale. When it’s time to CIZE it up, I just let go and have fun. Before I know it, I’m drenched in sweat and burned a ton of calories—yet I never felt like I ‘worked out’. Each routine has its own flavor and style, which not only challenges my brain but also my body. Now I have a better attitude at work and live each day feeling happier, healthier and lighter. CIZE is unlike anything else out there! If you never want to feel like you’re working out again, then CIZE is the program for you. You get to learn professional dance routines to incredible music and it’s paired with an awesome nutrition plan. If you want to sizedown your waistline, you should definitely start to CIZE it up!”

Kenia Changed The Way She Sees Her Future Because of CIZE!

“CIZE helped me lose weight and get in shape because I was committed to the program and the nutrition plan. I did not miss one day in my 30-day journey. And when I danced, I gave it everything I had—even on those days when I felt I had two left feet. It also allowed me to revisit my past and let that little girl inside me who wanted to be a dancer know that she is indeed a dancer! CIZE has not only changed my views of the past and present, it has reshaped the way I look at my future. It has taught me to dream unapologetically, as well as given me a new way to express myself through dance. Its music fuels my soul and releases my mind of all its worrisome thoughts. My favorite thing about CIZE is that it doesn’t feel like exercise and I find myself wanting more, even after class is over. I go home every day after class and rehearse for an extra hour (sometimes I’m at it for even two or three hours) just so I can master the moves. I seriously can’t get enough of CIZE—it’s my most delicious addiction. I encourage all my friends to try CIZE because not only will it help them with their fitness goals, it will also do amazing things for their mind, body, and soul that they never imagined. Because Shaun T is such a great instructor, this program will transform people who thought they could not dance into dancers. It’ll bring families and communities together, and it will put a permanent smile on anyone’s face because it gives you that feeling of being fierce! Thank you, Beachbody, for changing my life.”

Stephanie Has Never Felt More Alive in Her Life!

“CIZE IS changing my life in more ways then one. The biggest change is happening on the inside because CIZE is helping me learn how to let go and freely express my whole self. My favorite thing about CIZE is how freakin FUN it is! I LOVE the way I feel when I get a routine down, especially if it looks particularly challenging. When I’m in it, I’m like, Yah girl, WORK IT! I think everyone should try CIZE because it’s too fun not to! So many people dread working out, but when you’re having so much fun doing it, you actually look forward to it. Plus, it doesn’t even feel like work. CIZE isn’t just ‘The end of exercise’—for me, it’s the start of a new journey of self-discovery and living in the present moment. I’ve never felt more alive.”

Melissa Says There's NOTHING Like CIZE On The Market!

“CIZE was so much fun and has given me confidence and swag in all areas of my life. The music is current and the choreography is actual dance choreography; I was not just being taught to do the two-step and throw my hands up in the air. My body moved in ways I never imagined and I was truly dancing like the professionals Prior to CIZE I’d always find ways to disrupt my workouts. I’d check my phone, tie my shoe, answer text messages, etc. But with CIZE, there was no time for distractions. I had to concentrate to learn the moves. My mind, body and soul were completely engaged and I sweated more, and pusher harder, than ever before. There’s nothing else like CIZE on the market. It doesn’t matter if you know how to dance or not, you’ll get so much out of this program—weight loss, happiness, confidence, and LIFE!”

Lisa Was Finally Able To Lose Weight Because of CIZE & Shakeology!

“Even though I was exercising 3–4 times a week, I wasn’t seeing or feeling the results I was hoping for. I was constantly getting sick, felt gross, and was extremely unhappy. I knew I couldn’t live like this anymore, but didn’t know what to do. So when I discovered that I could use my dancing roots to lose weight and get in shape, I gave CIZE a shot—and I’m so glad I did because it completely transformed my life. CIZE was my first introduction to one of Shaun T’s programs and I was blown away by his ability to motivate and inspire. He was funny and uplifting, and nothing about this program felt like exercise! I could have been in a sour mood that day, but as soon the music came on, all my stress disappeared and I escaped into the dance moves. After each workout I was so incredibly energized, happy, sweaty, and recharged. I was addicted to his workouts. Shakeology was also a key player in my success. I’ve been drinking Shakeology since March and can’t imagine NOT having it in my life because it has made a tremendous impact on my overall health and wellness. As a busy working mom of two young boys, I love the fact that Shakeology provides me with the nutrition and energy I need to plow through each day. Thanks to Beachbody’s programs and products, I’ve realized that fitness isn’t a destination, it is a journey, and I’m thrilled to finally be on the right path.”

From ZERO Dance Experience to Playing CIZE Over and Over!

“I’ve always exercised a few times a week and have been in relatively good shape, yet I’ve never felt like I was reaching my full potential. When my wife and I learned about CIZE, we decided to take the challenge together so we could motivate each other while holding each other accountable. The thing I like most about this program is that it’s unlike any other workout I’ve ever tried! While other workouts felt tedious and the trainers did little to keep me motivated, CIZE was different. Much different! There are various styles of routines within the program and all are loaded with Shaun T’s high energy and catchy music. When it was time to CIZE it up, I felt challenged to do better than the last time. And after each workout, I truly did feel like I wanted to CIZE it up again. On many occasions, I was so pumped that I replayed it a few extra times. The combination of exercising and eating healthier every single day had an immediate effect on me. After just the first week I saw results in my waist. By the end of the second week, I saw definition in my abs that I had never seen before. This only motivated me to, in the words of Shaun T, Dig Deeper! The nutrition guide provided me with meal ideas that were fast, healthy, and easily fit into my hectic daily routine. Plus, I drank Shakeology daily, which helped curb my cravings for snacks and sweets. I ended up losing over 11 pounds and had to buy all new pants because nothing fit anymore. I’ve never felt better about myself and I feel like a whole new person. I have an amazing sense of accomplishment after completing this program that I will carry with me into this new lifestyle. Thank you, Beachbody!”

Feels a Million Times Better About Herself Than She Ever Has

"22 Minute Hard Corps workouts were not easy and I had to work hard at getting through them each and every day, but they were worth it—in so many ways. Not only did I lose weight and inches, but I also got great results in my abs and arms. But honestly, I didn’t expect to get the kind of results I did in just 22 minutes a day. However, with the high-intensity 22-minute workouts in combination with the diet, including Shakeology, I did get results. Amazing results. And today, I feel a million times better about myself than I ever have."

22 Minute Hard Corps & Shakeology Were Exactly What Her Body Needed

“I lost 16 pounds and 12 inches with 22 Minute Hard Corps. Not only do I feel absolutely amazing, I’m overflowing with confidence! The workouts were pretty easy to do, which is why I lost so much weight. I truly didn’t expect to lose this much weight from working out for only 22 minutes a day. I’m still amazed at the results I got in such a short period of time. I really loved Tony as a trainer. He gets in your face and inspires you to give it your all. He has a great attitude and makes you want to push harder and harder with every single rep. Tony truly did deliver on his promise of basic training with epic results. Compared to other programs I’ve tried in the past, 22 Minute Hard Corps is the best of the best! It’s the shortest workout I’ve ever done, as well as the most effective. I really did get much better results than I ever expected. They’re not lying when they say 22 Minute Hard Corps is intense, quick, and effective. Incorporating Shakeology into my diet was great because not only was it delicious, it really filled me up. 22 Minute Hard Corps and Shakeology were exactly what my body needed in order to change the way it did — as quickly as it did. This combination had perfect symmetry to it and I couldn’t be happier with the experience, or with the results! Thanks, Beachbody.”

Truly Never Expected to Get Great Results!

"After finishing the 22 Minute Hard Corps program, I feel great! I’m 16 pounds lighter and have a ton of definition all over my body. I truly never expected to get great results in just 22 minutes a day so I was shocked as I witnessed my body transforming before my very eyes. One thing I really liked about this program is that it’s made up of bodyweight-resistance exercises that you can do anywhere. And I mean, ANYWHERE! Tony’s energy was outstanding, and he constantly motivated me to keep pushing myself to the very end. And when I reached the end, and we’re talking 22 minutes here, I was completely exhausted! And I really loved drinking Shakeology because it helped me sustain my energy throughout the day. Energy I definitely needed to help me get through this program."

Houston Never Felt So Great!

"I really liked that Tony designed this program to be effective and hard-hitting — it reminded me exactly of what I went through during the Marine Corps Reserves Boot Camp several years ago. And compared to other workout programs I’ve tried in the past, this one was so much more intense. I even developed strength in muscles that I felt like I’d never used before. I tell all my friends who want to get into shape that if they did this program and gave their all on each rep for only 22 minutes a day, they’d get great results! Shakeology was also key to my transformation because it really did help me ditch my junk-food cravings. Not only did I consume it daily, which quickly filled me up and fueled me up, but it was super-easy to take with me on-the- go and it always helped curb my hunger pangs. The combo of 22 Minute Hard Corps and Shakeology truly is a game-changer. At least it was for me. Thanks, Tony. And thank you, Beachbody! I’ve never felt so great.”

Monika Lost More Weight Than She Expected in Only 60 Days!

“At my pre-weight of 135.5 lbs., I was overweight and had too much body fat on me, especially around my midsection. My goal with INSANITY MAX:30 and Shakeology was to lose 10 lbs. and 5% body fat, but I exceeded that goal by losing 15.5 lbs. and 10% body fat. I loved the variety of the daily workouts and learned a lot about meal planning and portion control. Chocolate Shakeology with a banana and almond milk is my favorite. It killed all my junk-food cravings and kept me full for hours. I love this product! It also curbed my hunger headaches instantly. Plus, Shakeology gave me the energy I was looking for to play a sport.”

Danielle Used To Think She Was Healthy. Now She Knows What REAL Health Feels Like!

“I used to think I was healthy. But after 60 days of INSANITY MAX:30 and Shakeology, I discovered that I was wrong. I was completely UNHEALTHY! No wonder I lacked confidence and felt tired all the time. I really loved the 30-minute time frame and the body weight workouts. I got in, got out, and got results. Shakeology was great because it helped me lose my cravings for salty snacks. And now, I honestly crave Shakeology.”

Tanya Couldn't Lose Weight Until She Did MAX 30 & Shakeology!

"After gaining 40 pounds while pregnant I was shocked that that losing the baby weight wasn’t as easy as I thought. I was running 15K’s, half-marathons, even participated in my company’s sponsored fitness campaign, but I just couldn’t lose the weight. I watched what I ate and even used a meal replacement, from a local fitness store, yet got minimal results. That’s when I turned to INSANITY MAX:30 and Shakeology—and I’m so glad I did. Within the first few days the scale finally moved! My original goal was to lose those “last 10 pounds” and get back to my pre-pregnancy weight. But when I hit that goal I became motivated to lose even more. Not only did I lose weight, but I greatly improved my muscle tone, strength, and energy. When I started I could barely do one push-up, not even a modified one, but now I just pound them out. I firmly believe that Shakeology had a HUGE impact on my results. I started noticing a difference within days after I began drinking it. I love it so much that I even signed up to receive it every month. Not only did I lose over 12 ½ pounds and drop 4 dress sizes with INSANITY MAX:30 and Shakeology, best of all, I fit back into my old jeans that I haven’t worn in a few years!”

Bob Improved His Focus At Work & Feels Fired Up For the Future!

“When INSANITY MAX:30 was introduced, I got that gut feeling that THIS is the program that would change my life—and it did. In 60 days I lost 28 pounds, 11 inches total, and went from 15.2% body fat to 10.8%. I can finally see my abs, but most importantly, I feel incredibly lean and in charge of my life. All those amazing results were 100% fueled by INSANITY MAX:30, Shakeology, and the “Nutrition to the Max” food guide. I drank Vegan Chocolate Shakeology daily and found it most effective as a post-workout shake. Shakeology gave me the right nutrition and energy to feel great right after my workouts and prepare for the next day of success. The thing I loved most about INSANITY MAX:30 was the fact that it was short and intense. Plus, the nutrition plan was simple enough to stay committed to throughout the entire day. Now I sleep for 5 hours and feel AMAZINGLY rested. My focus at work has improved and I’m fired up for the future. I feel BETTER at 30 than I did when I was 18 years old. Now I look young and have the energy I need to tackle life. Thanks INSANITY MAX:30 and Shakeology!”

Taylor Got Better Results in 30 Mins a Day Than Working Out At a Gym With Tons of Equipment!

"After losing 22 pounds with INSANITY MAX:30 and Shakeology I feel amazing and have more energy than ever before! I went from 16% body fat to 9% and lost 5 inches overall. I can take off my shirt in front of anyone and not think twice about it. My confidence is through the roof and my self-esteem continues to grow. INSANITY MAX:30 completely changed my life. Shaun T. pushed me to the point of hating him during the workouts, yet loving him afterwards. He inspired me to do better than I ever thought was possible and was pushed to my max—which is why I got amazing results. I’ve gotten better results with these 30-minute workouts in 60 days than I have by working out in gyms for years with tons of equipment. Plus, I made it my New Year’s Resolution to not miss a single day of Shakeology. So far, so good!"

Daryl Finally Has Endurance & Can Perform Activities He Hasn't Done in Years!

“My goal was to lose 25 lbs. in 60 days, and I ended up losing 29! Yes, INSANITY MAX:30 was intense and required commitment, but it was all worth it. The hardest part was simply telling myself to “push” every day. Now I feel like a different person. I finally have endurance and can perform activities I haven’t been able to do in years (such as jumping and lunging) with ease, and my knee pain went away. Plus, Shakeology took away most of my cravings. I used to eat fast food and sweets 80% of the time, and I almost ALWAYS skipped breakfast. But not anymore. Cake, cookies, ice cream, cheesecake — they no longer have control over me. Shakeology was a great meal substitute and a huge energy boost.”

P90X3 & Shakeology Transformed Emily's Life!

“At 21 I was completely out of shape, had no energy, and my confidence was diminishing by the day. I was a full-time student who waited tables, ate whatever was available (and free), and partied a little too much. But after packing on 30 lbs. since high school and feeling horrible, I turned to P90X3 and Shakeology for help. Since X3 is only a 30-minute workout, it left me with NO EXCUSES! And because Chocolate Shakeology tastes like a milkshake, it left me with NO REASON to crave anything else. I now know what my body needs for fuel to work and feel good. I feel like I’m 16 again and can conquer any challenge that comes my way. And I only have P90X3 and Shakeology to thank for changing my life!”

Christina Now Has Stronger Relationships Because She Loves Herself Now!

“Before P90X3, I had never been heavier (other than being pregnant). I felt gross, unattractive, and my bad food choices were out of hand. I was a very unhappy and unmotivated mother and wife. Then one morning as I was stuffing my face, I heard Tony Horton’s voice on TV, saw people’s transformations, and got inspired. I looked over at my girls eating their unhealthy breakfasts and decided it was time to make a positive change—for all of us! I never imagined my ‘soft’ body could transform into an athletic, strong, and lean body in just 90 days with 30-minute workouts, drinking Shakeology, and changing my diet! But now I have muscles popping out that I didn’t even know were there. To be able to lose what I did in just 30 minutes a day is beyond amazing! And Shakeology truly was my game-changer. My sweet tooth is now satisfied and I no longer dive into my kids’ candy bars. I will drink Shakeology forever because of what it does for my body. Now that I’m working out, eating healthy, and feeling good about myself, all of my relationships are so much stronger than before.”

Katie is No Longer Depressed & Has Stopped Hiding Behind Baggy Clothes!

“Before P90X3 and Shakeology I was depressed about my body and hid behind baggy clothes. I was always out of breath and had no energy or motivation to do anything. But now that I was a new mom, I knew I had to change for my son. On Day 1 of X3 I cried because it was so hard. When I did that same workout in the last month, I rocked it out! And Shakeology has completely changed my life—I’ll drink it forever. My digestion is better, I have more energy, and my skin and hair are growing like crazy. Plus, it stopped my cravings for junk food! After losing 32 pounds I’m a completely different person. I have so much more confidence and am looking forward to going bikini shopping.”

Caleb No Longer Feels Average, Tired, Or Uninspired - Instead, He's An Overcomer!

"Prior to my transformation, I truly believe the results I saw in others were NOT attainable for myself. I was in my third year of medical residency and was exhausted from working 80+-hour weeks. Plus, after battling cancer at 15, most of my left shoulder had been removed, which left me believing that getting fit wasn’t an option for me. But thanks to my wife, and TurboFire whipping her into shape, I ditched my excuses and gave fitness a shot. P90X3 was perfect for my busy life. Every moment of the workout had a purpose and propelled me toward success. But I couldn’t have completed those 90 days without Shakeology and E&E. Shakeology started my days off on the right foot, providing me with the nutrition my body desperately needed. And E&E gave me energy to plow through the tough workouts. In just 3 months I lost nearly 40 pounds, dropped several pant sizes, and regained a confidence in my own strength and athleticism. I no longer felt average, tired, or uninspired—instead, I was an overcomer."

Leland's Friends Assume He's Been Living in the Gym!... Nope! It's P90X3 & Shakeology!

“After a sports injury sidelined me 2 years ago, I ballooned up to 185 pounds. For the first time in my life, no longer was I the “fit guy” and it really depressed me. But after connecting with others on Beachbody Message Boards, my P90X3 transformation began. Plus, I started drinking Shakeology, which gives me tons more energy and an overall feeling of well-being. Now that I’m down 20 lbs. and am seriously ripped, my confidence is back, my mood has improved, and I’m loving life once again. My friends assume I’ve been living in the gym these past few months, but are surprised to learn that I only spend 30 minutes a day working out in my living room.”

Christian Increased His Energy, Confidence, & Self Worth with P90X3 & Shakeology!

"In just 90 days, not only did I increase my energy, stamina, and strength, I also exceeded my other goal, which was to do as many pull-ups as my age (I beat that goal and topped out at 40). Plus, I drank Shakeology every single day, which was integral to my success. Not only was Shakeology an excellent meal replacement, it curbed my late-night cravings. Today, my energy is through the roof. My confidence and sense of self-worth has skyrocketed. And I can finally handle the demanding play schedule of my three crazy boys with ease. Working out and eating right every day has now become a part of my life. Thanks, Beachbody!”

Here’s the best part… You can buy Focus T25 and Shakeology together right now and save over $50! This offer is NOT available any where else… Not even on!

Buy the Focus T25 Challenge Pack!Order the Focus T25 Challenge Pack

2. Pre-workout Formula: If you want to power through the hardest workouts with more energy and endurance—to help intensify your focus and delay exercise-induced muscle fatigue—you need a Pre-Workout Formula. With a pre-workout formula, you’ll: boost your energy and endurance, improve exercise performance, sharpen focus and reaction time, increase muscle power output, and delay exercise-induced muscle fatigue… Beachbody offers two options:

  • Energy and Endurance Pre-Workout Formula: Improve your energy, endurance, strength, and focus with this NEW pre-workout drink. Its proprietary blend of advanced nitric oxide boosters, amino acids, natural energizers, electrolytes, and essential B vitamins can help you power through and maximize your workouts. Learn more about E&E Here

Energy and Endurance Pre-Workout Formula

  • Beachbody Performance Energize: Blast through your toughest workouts with a surge of energy! Take Energize before every workout to help sharpen your focus, push harder, and last longer—because every ounce of extra energy means better results. Energize contains key ingredients scientifically shown to buffer lactic acid buildup and delay exercise-induced muscle fatigue, improve performance, and help you push with maximum intensity. Learn more about Performance Energize Here

Beachbody Performance Energize

3. Beachbody Performance Recover: Help combat exercise-induced muscle soreness and jump-start recovery so you can hit every workout with strength and intensity. Recover takes advantage of the critical post-workout window with the ideal combination of time-released proteins and phytonutrients to help facilitate muscle recovery while helping to reduce muscle breakdown. Take Recover after every workout to help combat exercise-induced muscle soreness, speed muscle recovery, support muscle growth, and restore your strength. Learn more about Beachbody Performance Recover Here

Beachbody Performance Recover
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Focus T25 Schedule

Focus T25 SchedulesLooking for a great copy of the Focus T25 Calendar? Rather you’re looking for a new copy to replace your current Focus T25 schedule or you want to see how your workout schedule will be before you order Focus T25, you can get your workout calendars here.

The best thing about the Focus T25 workout schedule is that you only have one workout to do per day (except for Friday), 5 days a week, and it’s only 25 minutes. While I love my Insanity workout the most, Focus T25 is making a great addition to my workout library because I love fast paced cardio workouts. Here are a few things to consider as you review the T25 workout calendars:

  • Double Day Friday – Focus T25 is set for 25 minutes a day but on Friday’s you have the option to do more. Right on the calendar you’ll see: “For Maximum results, Shaun Recommends doing two workouts on Friday. If you don’t have time for two workouts…. No worries. You can always get the second one on the weekend!”
  • Equipment – Most workouts do not require equipment but the Focus T25 Base Kit comes with a resistance band that you can use. You can also get your own dumbbells if you don’t like using a resistance band. The Gamma Phase also comes in two packages… You can get only the Gamma Phase DVDs or the Focus T25 Gamma Package with 2 resistance bands and a miniMat.
  • Gamma Phase Workout Calendar – Though not included on this post, when you order the Gamma Phase you’ll get an additional Hybrid Focus T25 workout calendar that will give you a mix of all three phases.


Your first phase of the Focus T25 workout is the Alpha phase. During the Alpa phase, you’ll build your foundation using your body weight with the following workouts:

  • Cardio
  • Total Body Circuit
  • Lower Focus
  • Ab Intervals
  • Speed 1.0

Click on Focus T25 Alpha Workout schedule to enlarge:

Focus T25 workout schedule alpha phase


The next Focus T25 workout calendar that you’ll need is the Beta calendar. During the Beta phase you’ll focus on your core with:

  • Upper Focus
  • Core Cardio
  • Speed 2.0
  • Dynamic Core
  • Rip’T Circuit

Click on Focus T25 Beta Workout schedule to enlarge:

Focus T25 workout calendar Beta phase


The Gamma phase is our third calendar of the Focus T25 schedule and is an optional addition to the Focus T25 workout program. After your 10 weeks of Focus T25, you can do another round and workout harder than you did the first time or you can purchase the Gamma Phase and try a whole new set of 25 minute workouts. During the Gamma Phase you’ll focus on building strength and sculpting lean muscles with:

  • Extreme Circuit
  • Speed 3.0
  • The Pyramid
  • Rip’T Up

Click on Focus T25 Gamma Workout schedule to enlarge:

Focus T25 workout calendar gamma phase

Order the Focus T25 Gamma Phase here:

Order Focus T25!Order Focus T25!

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Focus T25 vs P90X3: Which Will Get You Results?

p90x3 vs focus t25In this quick Focus T25 vs P90X3 review, I’m going to cover the P90X3 workout first because there’s already a lot of information about Focus T25 above… Then, we’ll which may be better for you… As you may have guessed by now, Tony Horton is the creator of P90X3.

The best part about Tony Horton is that he focuses on your whole body and does not limit himself to only cardio or body resistance moves. Instead Tony Horton works on your cardio, your upper body strength, your core, your flexibility, and your balance.

Tony Horton always wants to improve your physical performance in your every day life. Rather you’re a parent or a mountain climber. But, Tony Horton’s workout programs offer different results than Shaun T’s because Tony makes use of extra equipment, whereas Shaun T works more with your own body weight. Like P90X, P90X3 will make use of the following equipment:

  • Dumbbells or Resistance Bands
  • Pull up bar or Resistance Bands with a Door attachment

Tony Horton did his hardest to make sure that P90X3 will deliver P90X results in only 30 minutes a day because he realized that many people want to do P90X but don’t have the time to commit to a full hour of working out for 6 days a week.

It’s important to note in this P90X3 vs Focus T25 review that like Focus T25 is NOT a sequel to Insanity, P90X3 is NOT a sequel to P90X2 nor P90X… Meaning you don’t need to have done neither P90X nor P90X2 to do P90X3.

Additionally, P90X3 offers whole new workouts that were never introduced in P90X nor P90X2, such as:

  • Pilates.
  • Isometrics which works on strength, balance, and flexibility with static holds.
  • CVX: Cardiovascular Extreme. A Cardio workout with weights.
  • MMX: Mixed Martial Arts Extreme.
  • New Ab moves that are athletic in nature. Some are standing up and many are front facing instead of being on your back

Here a few quick facts about Tony Horton’s P90X3 workout:

  • 30 minutes a day.
  • 90 day fitness program.
  • 16 workouts in the Base Kit. 20 in the Deluxe.
  • 4 workout schedules: Classic, Lean, Doubles, Bulk
  • 39 out of 40 people in the P90X3 Test group lost 10% of their body fat %. Not even P90X had such great comparable results.

And here are a few quick facts about Shaun T’s Focus T25 workout:

  • 25 minutes a day, 5 days a week
  • 10 week fitness program
  • Modifier for every workout
  • Uses very little equipment (resistance band included or you can use dumbbells)
  • 1 workout schedule
  • Advancement Opportunity – Can order Focus T25 Gamma Phase to further challenge yourself for another 5 weeks of 25 minute workouts!

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Focus T25 vs P90X3 Comparison Table

Here’s a quick Focus T25 vs P90X3 comparison table to see a few differences and commonalities.

Focus T25 P90X3
Fitness Instructor Shaun T Tony Horton
Length of Program 10 weeks 90 days
Avg. Workout time 25 minutes every workout 30 minutes every workout
# of Workout DVDs 11 workouts 16 workouts
Style of Workouts High Intensity, non-stop High Intensity, non-stop
Workout Schedule 5 days a week, optional 1 rest/stretch day 6 days a week, optional 1 rest/stretch day
Minimum Equipment Needed Resistance band (included) or Dumbbells
  • Dumbbells or Resistance Bands
  • Pull Up Bar or
    Resistance Bands with a Door Attachment
Additional Recommended Equipment
Bonus Workouts from this Site
  • Core Speed workout
  • One on One: On One Leg
Recommended Supplements
Price Order Focus T25 for $119.85 Order P90X3 for $119.85

Focus T25 vs P90X3 chart
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Focus T25 versus P90X3: Which Is Best For You?

Check out the following quick Focus T25 vs P90X3 comparisons… Depending on your needs, one will be a better workout for you than the other…


Focus T25 offers a modifier.Love Cardio Workouts?… Focus T25 gets you to lose weight by focusing on cardio workouts. Yes, Focus T25 makes use of a resistance band or dumbbells but the focus is more on fast paced and focused moves.

New To Working Out?… Focus T25 offers one Modifier for every single workout. Tanya is always the modifier and you can easily find her every time in the same spot. While P90X3 offers a “modifier”, it’s not very consistent and often Tony Horton goes too fast to explain the modified move.

Do You Travel A Lot or Need Minimum Equipment?… You can start working out with Focus T25 straight from the package. All you need is the workout DVDs, the Nutrition Guide, and the one Resistance band in order to start losing weight with Focus T25.

Order Focus T25!ORDER FOCUS T25!


Want To Truly Challenge Yourself Physically?… P90X3 offers a total body workout. You’re not just doing cardio or resistance moves, you’re doing multiple types of workouts to get you fit. Here’s just a few of the different workouts you can expect:P90X3 offers several calendar options.

  • Pilates.
  • Isometrics which works on strength, balance, and flexibility with static holds.
  • CVX: Cardiovascular Extreme. A Cardio workout with weights.
  • MMX: Mixed Martial Arts Extreme.

You will not get bored when you do P90X3.

Want A Flexible Workout Program?… P90X3 offers several different workout calendars to help you meet your goals. Here are your options:p90x3 gives you real strength.

  • Classic – The most popular workout schedule that gets you amazing results.
  • Lean – Looking to really lose weight? Follow this more cardio focused schedule.
  • Doubles – Looking for a challenge? Do two workouts a few days of the week to speed up your results.
  • Bulk – Looking to gain some muscles? Do this workout to start bulking up.

Besides having 16 different workouts, P90X3 allows you to change up your workout schedule to meet your goals.

Do You Want Some Real Strength Gains?… P90X3 will make sure that you not only tone your body but gives you real strength. P90X3 is able to do this because it makes use of dumbbells or resistance bands and the classic pull-up bar or resistance bands with a door attachment. P90X3 is perfectly designed with cardio, resistance moves, balance moves, and flexibility to give you the body that you want.

order p90x3ORDER P90X3!

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