Insanity Max 30 vs Focus T25 (WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW!)

Insanity MAX 30 vs Focus T25… which workout is the best one for you?

With the release of Insanity MAX 30, people are asking which workout is the best one to buy. Both workouts were created by Shaun T and both are short workouts at about 30 minutes each. However, both workouts will get you results in very different ways… In this Insanity MAX 30 vs Focus T25 review, we’ll go over 10 things you need to know before you decide to buy either program.

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1. Insanity MAX 30 vs T25: Time

Shaun T created both Focus T25 and Insanity MAX 30.

Shaun T created both Focus T25 and Insanity MAX 30.

Focus T25 was first released in response to people not having enough time to workout for an hour a day. As a result, Shaun T was asked to create a short workout that gets people amazing results… this lead to Focus T25, a 25 minute workout.

Focus T25 is only 25 minutes a day, with a double day on Friday, and there’s also a short stretch after each workout.

Insanity MAX 30 was created to give people a more challenging workout that could be called a Insanity 2. Additionally, Insanity MAX 30 was created to be much shorter than the original Insanity workout. As a result Insanity MAX 30 was created to be only be 30 minutes a day, NO doubles on Friday, and includes a stretch after the workout.

TIME: If you’re looking for the shortest workout possible. Focus T25 is the winner by 5 minutes or so daily. However, remember, on Friday’s you will have two workouts instead of the usually one per day.

2. Insanity MAX 30 vs Focus T25: Number of Days per Week

Between T25 vs MAX 30, which workout requires more time overall in a week?

Focus T25 is five days a week with an optional stretch day on Sunday. Plus, Friday’s are double days, so 50 minutes instead of the usual 25 minutes a day.

Insanity MAX 30 is only 30 minutes a day, Monday to Friday. There is an optional workout for Saturday but not required. There are no double days for Insanity MAX 30. Additionally, MAX 30 is so intense for the majority of people that additional exercise is not recommended.

TIME PER WEEK: If you’re stretched for time, Insanity MAX 30 is the best option overall.

3. Max 30 or T25: Total Length of the Workout Program

Do you want fast results in the least amount of time possible? Many Beachbody fitness programs range in how long each program… From 21, 30, 60, and 90 days… While they all work in getting you weight loss results, some people enjoy doing the in home workouts more than once. As you’ll discover, the more you workout, the more you’ll get results and the longer your results will stay…

Focus T25 has two blocks of 5 weeks. This is about 2 months and a half in order to get through Focus T25 once.

Insanity MAX 30 is a 60 day program like the original Insanity. It will take you about 2 months to complete Insanity MAX 30.

TOTAL LENGTH OF THE WORKOUT PROGRAM: Insanity MAX 30 is shorter by about 2 weeks. If you need results fast, go with Insanity MAX 30.

4. Focus T25 vs Insanity MAX 30: Intensity

Insanity MAX 30, you need to fail to get results!

Insanity MAX 30, you need to fail to get results!

Focus T25 was first marketed as a alternative to Insanity. A workout program that could get you insane results in only 25 minutes a day.

Unfortunately, Insanity graduates quickly found out that Focus T25 is NOTHING like Insanity. If anything, Focus T25 is a good beginners workout that can get you ready for Insanity or Insanity MAX 30.

MAX 30 on the other hand was specifically designed with Insanity graduates in mind. The idea was to make it super tough so that it would be the same as working out with Insanity. Even with a modifier in MAX 30, you’re still going to find it more challenging than Focus T25.

In a way, MAX 30 is a turbo charge of Insanity and it does come with 150 new moves!

INTENSITY: Want the most challenging workout possible?… Then you want to buy Insanity MAX 30.

5. Max 30 vs T25: Modifier

Which is the best workout program for a beginner between Focus T25 vs Insanity MAX 30? It’s important to consider the availability of a modifier because you may not be ready to follow every single move or may need a move that’s easier on the knees… Additionally, you don’t want to quit your workout program simply because it’s TOO challenging to even follow…

In both Insanity Max 30 and Focus T25, a modifier does NOT mean easier, it means less impact (no plyometrics) but still challenging.

Both MAX 30 and T25 offer a dedicated modifier that you can follow during the whole workout. HOWEVER, Insanity Max 30 offers a NEW DVD OPTION that allows you to split the screen so that you can always see the modifier.

Again, having a modifier does not always mean the workout will be super easy. You’re still going to be challenging yourself and burning calories! Plus, having a modifier allows to follow an easier move for when start getting tired but still want to keep going.

Check out the Insanity MAX 30 modifier preview below:

Insanity Max 30 comes with a modifier track in order to lower the impact!

Insanity Max 30 comes with a modifier track in order to lower the impact!

MODIFIER: If you want to always be able to see the modifier, Insanity MAX 30 is the winner.

Order Insanity MAX 30!

Order Focus T25!6. T25 vs MAX 30: Needed Equipment

Can you do these workouts anywhere or do you need to bring along some equipment?

Focus T25 does make use of dumbbells or resistance bands. Not all the workouts make use of it but you will need it and the base kit comes with a resistance band to get you started. For the most part, Focus T25 uses very little equipment and you can get by with just a resistance band. This is not like P90X where you need a bunch of different weights…

Insanity MAX 30 does NOT require any equipment to get you a good workout.

However, both workouts recommend a yoga mat for some moves and also a jump mat to protect your joints.

NEEDED EQUIPMENT: If you need a workout that needs NO equipment, go for Insanity MAX 30.

7. T25 vs MAX 30: Motto

Every workout needs to have a great motto to inspire you to keep going.

Focus T25 is all about FOCUS. It doesn’t matter how fast you move, it’s about making sure you have proper form and that you focus on your core. The T25 motto is great for beginners because they need to learn to focus on the moves to really gain the benefits from the workout. Additionally, Shaun T will tell where your focus should be in order to get the best results possible.

Insanity MAX 30 is all about MAX OUT. Your goal here is to go as hard as you can until you need a break. Once you take a break, this is your MAX OUT time. Then your goal tomorrow will be to do more than the day before. And yes, MAX 30 does give short breaks in between some moves. However, you’re still going to MAX OUT.

The MAX 30 motto is great for those looking to really challenge themselves. This workout is all about you competing against yourself!

MOTTO: This is a personal preference and one isn’t better than the other.

8. Insanity MAX 30 or Focus 25: Nutrition Plan

About 80% of your weight loss results is determined by what you place in your mouth! It’s very important to consider the MAX 30 vs T25 diet plan because you need to love the options that are offered. The good news is that both T25 and MAX 30 offer a very detailed and flexible Nutrition Plan that you can make use of.

The Focus T25 Nutrition Guide helps you create 5 meals a day, 5 ingredients, 5 minutes to prep. It’s designed to be super simple!

The Insanity MAX 30 workout program offers a few more options… The Nutrition Guide offers a simple portion-based plan that will show you how to eat what you love and still reach your fitness goals. The portion control guide in Insanity MAX 30 matches up perfectly with the 21 Day Fix containers which can be bought separately or with the Insanity MAX 30 Deluxe Kit

Additionally, MAX 30 offers a No Time to Cook Guide that shows you everything you need to MAX OUT your results even when you’re on the go. From fine dining to fast food, you’ll know the best options to fuel your body and stay on track every time.

NUTRITION PLAN: Both T25 and MAX 30 offer an amazing support system but MAX 30 offers a few more options that T25 does not.

9. Insanity MAX 30 vs Focus 25: Results

It’s hard to argue that one gets better results than the other because both are great programs. Check out the following videos below before I give my opinion.

Focus T25 Results:

Insanity MAX 30 Results:

Here’s the real secret to getting results… First you need to eat right and second you need a workout that challenges you! If you’re completely new to working out, then you can try Focus T25 first and later move up to Insanity MAX 30. If you already workout, even just a little, go for a challenge and get Insanity MAX 30.

RESULTS: Both will get you results but to get results make sure to get the workout that will CHALLENGE YOU.

10. Focus T25 or Insanity MAX 30? Cost

This is probably the easiest thing to compare because both Focus T25 and Insanity MAX 30 cost the exact same amount! Both are $119.85. Also, when you order from this site, you get a FREE bonus workout with either program.

COST: They come out equal here.

Recommended Supplements for MAX RESULTS

Do you want to get the most from your workouts? Rather you choice Focus T25 or Insanity MAX 30, you’ll want to supplement your diet with these options because it’ll make sure you get the right nutrition you need to really lose weight and give it your all!

Here are 3 supplements that can help you super charge your workout results:

reommended focus t25 supplements

1. Shakeology – Shakeology has been Clinically Proven to

  • Help with continuous weight loss over time
  • Lower your cholesterol
  • And lower your blood sugar

Shakeology reviews have also reported the following:

  • Reduced hunger & food cravings
  • Healthier skin, hair, and nails
  • Increased energy
  • Boosted immune system
  • Improved digestion & regularity

To Buy Shakeology with your workout program super cheap, saving you over $50! Order it as a Challenge Pack below:

2. Beachbody Energy and Endurance – When you’re trying to make it through a tough workout, you need to make sure you have the energy to really give it everything you have. E&E is a pre-workout supplement that will get you through your workout. Best of all, E&E is not harsh on the stomach like the other guys were. Learn More about E&E

3. P90X Results and Recovery Formula – Don’t let the “P90X” fool you, it’s not only for the P90X workout… Results and Recovery Formula will help replenish your body faster after a tough workout so that you don’t get sore and can continue improving on your workout results. The faster you recover from your workout, the better prepared you’ll be for your next workout. Learn More about Results and Recovery

Once you decide which workout you want, Focus T25 or Insanity MAX 30, you can do a quick search for any of the supplements (above) to ADD to your CART.

Thoughts and Recommendations

Both Focus T25 and Insanity MAX 30 are amazing workout programs and you really can’t go wrong with either one. However, I would only recommend Focus T25 to people who have never worked out before because the moves are simple and easy to follow.

You will get a sweat with Focus T25 but I personally never felt challenged like I do with Insanity MAX 30. Remember, I already completed several rounds of Insanity and P90X, so that’s why Focus T25 felt easy for me. If you already workout, even just a little, I highly recommend MAX 30. Plus, you can easily follow the MAX 30 modifier until you’re ready to challenge yourself even more!

Pick your workout below:

Order Insanity MAX 30!

Order Focus T25!Feel free to contact me with any questions.

Have a great day!

coach julio diaz

coach julio diaz

Work With Me – Leaders Only

P.S. If you are looking for a way to increase your fitness, nutrition, social, and even occupational wellness, be sure to start with a FREE Team Beachbody Account and you will get support, motivation, and gain access to free tools to keep you on track with your wellness goals.

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24 Replies to “Insanity Max 30 vs Focus T25 (WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW!)”

  1. Thanks! great Review! I needed this to make my decision. I did several rounds of 21Day fix and I think even though I have taken a “break” I will go with the Max 30.

    1. That’s great to hear Annette. Since you already went through a workout program (21 Day Fix) and there’s a modifier in MAX 30, you’ll be able to challenge yourself more with MAX 30 than with T25. Let me know if you have any questions!

  2. hi,

    Do you have any comparison between P90X / P90X3 and Insanity /Insanity Max 30? I wanted to work out for weight loss . I am looking for faster and better result for weight loss.

    1. Hello Geminra, I have a P90X/P90X3 comparison here: and a Insanity/P90X here:

      I do not have Insanity/Insanity Max30 however… If you’re looking to lose weight than you’ll want to stick to either Insanity or Insanity MAX 30. I would favor Max 30 just a little more because of the modifier track option which allows beginners to follow along. Additionally, it will be less strain on your joints with MAX 30. If your knees are doing great and you have the time, go for Insanity. Otherwise, go with Insanity MAX 30. Let me know what other questions you have 🙂

  3. I have never done work outs before, but am currently on my final week of of hip hop abs, which I started to get a basic level of fitness. I feel ready to move on to the next challenge, but am still significantly overweight. Which would be better, T25 or Max 30 (or something else)? I don’t want anything too hard as it will probably demotivate me. Thanks for your advice.

    1. Hi Jop, I believe you’re on the right track. After Hip Hop Abs, Focus T25 would be the best follow up. I believe you would find Max 30 too challenging right now. After a few rounds of T25, then go for Max. But not until you can do T25 without following the modifier. Let me know how else I can help you.

  4. Hi there. I have done all 4 videos with the 4th being P90X. Love them all but I stay with original Insanity. Absolutely love Shawn T as an instructor in it. I used this video to train for Tough Mudder. Lost lbs and inches and kicked the couse ASS in just under 4 hours. And sitting at age 46 Insanity really got me through the course. I would have never completed it if I didn’t train this hard. For me original Insanity really works!!

    1. That’s great advice Kim. I agree with you. If you need to train for something like Tough Mudder or another event then Insanity is the best choice because it will push you to last longer than 30 minutes. Max 30 is great for those wanting a tough workout like Insanity but don’t have the time to workout beyond 30 minutes. Both will get you results but your final goal is what’s most important.

  5. I have T25, but I am missing some of the disks now so I wanted to try a different work out post baby. I was looking into MAX30 but I’m not sure if it will be too difficult for me, I had great results with T25 but completed the program and always used the modifier. However now, I have gained that weight back and then some more. I am significantly overweight and want to get a control on that with a good workout and something challenging. I am not sure if I should go with 21 day fix as something easier, or MAX30 for something more challenging.

    1. Hi Janelle, That’s great to hear that you got great results with T25. Looking over your description, since you mentioned that you’re “significantly overweight” and that you mainly followed the modifier in T25, I would recommend the 21 Day Fix as your best choice. The 21 Day Fix offers 30 minute workouts, a modifier, and offers an amazing meal plan with the portion control containers. I believe the meal plan is what will set it apart for you because you’ll have several different options on what you can eat and it will help you learn how much you should be eating. Learn more about the 21 Day Fix Here Let me know what other questions you have.

  6. Thanks so much for posting this review. I’ve done a couple of rounds of insanity in the last year, attempted T25 but didn’t get through it as I didn’t feel challenged enough or saw results. I went back most recently to Insanity and while I love it and really feel like I get the best results…..I’m bored with it and ultimately I have fallen off the schedule. I need something new but want to get results. Max30? Will 30 minutes 5 days a week be enough? Love to get your thoughts.

    1. Hi Lisa, I understand what you mean. T25 is a great program, however, I see it as more as a beginners workout. Especially true if you do Insanity and then try to do T25, you won’t feel challenged at all. Max 30 however, is another level of insane. I did Max30 and it was more challenging than either T25 and Insanity. Personally, I found it too challenging, I prefer the original Insanity better. I would say Max 30 is great for you. You get more workouts than Insanity and you will definitely feel more challenged. If you don’t think 30 minutes a day is enough, check out these two workouts: Insanity Asylum I or Insanity Asylum II, both are more challenging than T25 and possibly even Insanity. Let me know what other questions you have.

  7. Hi, thanks for your review, it was really great. I’m currently working out (chest, back, arms, shoulders, legs) but i wanted to do T25 or max30 to be more fit, do you think i could do one of them before my workout as a warm up instead of running on a treadmill? Or it would be too much for the body?
    Thanks in advance for your answer !

    1. Hi, Thanks for the question. From the sound of it, you’re probably already pretty fit so MAX 30 would be perfect if that’s all you were doing. However, since you want a warm up before your workout, then T25 would work better because it’s more of a beginners workout. Another option for you would be P90X or Body Beast. P90X includes the use of dumbbells, the pull up bar, and includes workout variation by including plyometrics, yoga, and cardio. P90X is best for gaining lean muscles and weight loss. Body Beast is all about getting bulky. Depending on your goals you may want to check those out. Let me know what other questions you may have.

  8. Hi there. I also just finished 2 rounds of 21 day fix. before this I never really worked out especially with cardio. My ultimate goal is to build solid muscle, so a program like hammer and chisel or body beast was where I wanted to eventually go. Although right now I want to shed more weight before any of those programs. My question is, since I have done 2 rounds of the fix, would you say im ready for max 30? even if cardio is still my weakness? Thank You

    1. Hey Nick, Thanks for the question… If you want to continue building muscle, I would actually recommend 21 Day Fix Extreme. These will be tougher workouts and you’ll follow a bit more stricter Nutrition Guide. Otherwise, it’s similar to 21 Day Fix. Click Here to Learn More about 21 Day Fix Extreme However, if you really want try Max 30, I believe it would be a good change up. Max30 offers a modifier so that you can do a slightly easier move when you get tired. It will also help improve your cardio. Learn more about Insanity MAX 30 here Personally, I would try MAX30 first because it’ll be a nice change to 21 Day Fix and then do Hammer and Chisel afterwards. Hope this helps.

  9. I have been using T25 on and off for the last 18 months as I also run long distances. I have to say at 53 I still find some of the workouts a challenge but due to familiarity I want a change of scene. Will I find Max 30 too tough if I still struggle on some T25 workouts? I intend to devote the two months to the Max 30 with no running and then use it on and off with my running. Is this appropriate with the Max 30 program?

    1. Hey Simmons,

      That sounds like a great idea. Max 30 is a different beast than T25. However, since you have a good cardio base, you shouldn’t have too much trouble with MAX 30. Additionally, MAX 30 offers a split screen option so that you can always see the modifier. So use the modifier whenever your form is starting to go bad. Another option if you think MAX 30 might be too much is to check out 21 Day Fix. 21 Day Fix is also a 30 minute workout. Learn more here: Hope this helps!

  10. Thanks so much! This has been a really helpful review!
    I’m repeating Insanity again, I’ve done the cycle before, tried repeating it but stopped for a long time, and was kind of got bored of it after doing the cycle more than once and now I’m getting back into it. I tried Asylum but didn’t like it, and now i’ve been looking at what else I can do. I’ve also been looking for something express and tried the 10minutes a day but didn’t find I was getting the results. From your review, I think I’ll get the Max 30.

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